beautifulgirl王俊凯歌词 beautifulgirldj

1、Come on


3、Know you have me forever from the start

4、When I saw you girl you were all that mattered

5、Want you close enough til my heart surrenders

6、I've been waiting for you day and night

7、I wanna let you know cause it's real

8、I wanna make you feel what I feel

9、I wanna get to know you make you fall like I do

10、Cause girl I can tell

11、That when I look in your eyes I know it's true

12、That when your looking at mine it feels so good

13、Yeah I won't let you go

14、I wanna tell you wanna let you know

15、You are beautiful so beautiful

16、Girl you look beautiful to me

17、You are beautiful so beautiful

18、Girl you look beautiful to me

19、Just tell me girl do you feel

20、My love so deep is for you

21、Say do you feel what I feel

22、Do do do ya

23、I wanna hold you so bad

24、We're gonna start a fire

25、Say do you feel what I feel

26、Do do do ya

27、Everything that you're doing to me

28、So incredible aha

29、When you so fine I can not behave

30、Yeah I lose it all aha

31、Everytime that you looking at me

32、I just can not believe

33、Can not believe can not believe

34、You are beautiful so beautiful

35、Girl you look beautiful to me

36、You are beautiful so beautiful

37、Girl you look beautiful to me

38、Your all that I want girl

39、Yeah you're all that I need when I look into your eyes

40、When you're standing next to me

41、Beautiful is what you are girl

42、You are beautiful so beautiful

43、Girl you look beautiful to me

44、You are beautiful so beautiful

45、Girl you look beautiful to me


46、The way you are

47、The way you captivate my soul

48、So beautiful

49、So beautiful


50、The way you looking like you do

51、The way you are

52、The way you are

53、The way you make me feel so good oh

54、Cause you are beautiful to me






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